• World’s most

    natural re-usable

    water bottle

  • Story

    After traveling the world Sjoerd Bos was living in a Chinese factory located in an industrial area as large as the Netherlands. Here were products massively overproduced that exhausts the earth. This led to his mission to change this by developing world's most natural re-usable water bottle.

    Why do we need to switch to natural materials?

    We live in a world that is warming up and where over a 1.000.000 plastic bottles are being consumed per minute.

    This has an enormous impact on the condition of the planet.

    We now live in a world were it's possible to :


    - Reduce plastic by using re-usable water bottles.

    - Cool down the planet by reducing CO2 emission with products made from renewable natural resources.


  • Watch this video on how our materials are found !

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